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Event Host / Emcee

Guest behavior - It is the job of the event host/emcee to foster a relationship with the audience. We have found that this connection grants the host agency to elicit targeted behavior from your guests - a prerequisite for an unforgettable event.

Event flow - An engaging event is dynamic. The emcee must cultivate a sense of narrative direction in the audience - fluctuating crowd energy levels to create peaks of intense focus on key moments. These key moments are what tell your event’s story.

Disc Jockey

We offer Elyisum & Artist DJs. All of our DJs are incredible mixers & entertainers. Our Artist DJs are also trained musicians who can bring a live music dynamic to your event.

PRIMARY FUNCTION: If our DJ is not also the event host, his role is to anticipate event transitions & facilitate event flow musicially. Also part of that role is ensuring that music enhances a speaker's content and never overpowers it.


We are fortunate enough to have some excellent musicians in our core team & extended network; so, chances are, if you're looking for a specific instrumentation, we can help you.

Focal point - Because soloist performances often create an intimate feel & draw attention to a single performer, soloists can be used as a focal point to emphasize specific event content or details.

Peripheral - Through strolling acoustic performances, our soloists are able to add a sense of intimacy to an event while not drawing too much attention away from the event's primary focus.

Jazz Ensemble

Each member of our jazz ensemble is a trained musician & stylistically versitile. Ensemble instrumentation is some combination of piano, bass, drums, guitar, saxophone & vocals.

Guest engagement - We have consistently found that guests - despite differences in age, musicial preferences, etc. - respond to & engage with live performance. In this way, our jazz ensemble is often a great way to unify a room.

Peripheral - The jazz ensemble smooths event transitions & adds a sense of thickness to the atmospheric texture of the room.


We have both male & female talent available for voiceovers. Track recording & editing all take place in-house to ensure consistent audio quality.


How live performance brought Christian Dior's Sauvage fragrance theme to life & immersed a diverse audience in the product launch

Visit our SoundCloud page to hear samples of talent performances