Why Lighting Your Event Matters
perhaps the must influential in guest behavior
Lighting is arguably one of the most vital decor pieces to add to your event. Beyond being an excellent way to transform an event space to fit the theme or vision you have, it is also a way to help your guests know when important moments are happening, transitions in event direction, and to find points of focus. With so many choices in lighting, from pinspots for center pieces and wedding cakes to uplighting an entire ballroom, there are multiple options and techniques that can alter the look of your space and influence the guests at your event while fitting a variety of different budget sizes.

Dynamic Uplighting is versatile and perhaps the must influential in guest behavior. Dynamic Uplighting changes the environment of your event, almost literally, with a flip of a switch. Imagine, your guests enter the room for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres the environment is elegant and classic while the room is washed in a warm champagne. Though they probably are noticing the smell of the food, the music in the background, and spotting familiar faces, the color of the room is, whether they are aware or not, making them feel something. Flash forward a few hours to late night dancing, the room is filled with the bass from an energetic dance song and the lighting has changed from the warm champagne to a mix of red and blue dance lighting synchronized to the beat of the song. Those same guests that were sitting and sipping on cocktails only hours ago are now on the dance floor jumping and interacting with each other in a different way.

While Dynamic Uplighting adds versatility and variety through out your event, Static Uplighting is still able to add ambiance to your venue. Though this style of lighting is not going to change during the course of your event, Static Uplighting around the room is still able to fit your color scheme, theme, and event style and reflect this personality through out the evening. Static Uplighting transforms the event space and evokes emotion the same way dynamic does, just in the same color the entire event.

There are many options in lighting and design and it can sometimes be overwhelming! Monograms, pattern washes, dance lighting, the list goes on. However, all events can benefit from the quality of professional dynamic or static uplighting and this decor option should be a staple for all events. The best way to find out what options are right for you and your event is to speak with a professional! Not only will they give you options that fit your budget, but the professional will also be able to give you options and new ideas to make your event unique and reflect your personality!